Accreditation through Collaboration and Education

ACE it all, through SRA!

New Event Annouced:

Dr. Harold Shinitzky – Empowering the Entrepreneur

Dr. Harold Shinitzky, notable Sports Psychologist, Speaker and former member of Johns Hopkins School of Medicine, will be delivering his talk Empowering the Entrepreneur with a proven methodology for setting and achieving your goals as a business leader.

Join us on August 30, 2018 from 10:00am to 12:00pm for this inspiring workshop with Sales Referral Academy. Early bird tickets are available for only $29.40 for limited time. Tickets will be $49 the day of the event. Secure your seat today:

August 30, 2018 Event 10am-12noon
If business is putting you to the test---ACE it! Accreditation through Collaboration and Education.


For every business success story, there are hundreds struggling to find the key to that success.  The Sales Referral Academy, SRA, has online content to teach the skills you need in Sales, in Social Media, in Business Networking and more and provide you with benchmark recognitions when you’ve mastered each level of skill.

SRA is tailored to YOU with opportunities to collaborate with people facing the same challenges and those who have met and overcome them.

SRA delivers a breadth and depth of learning to send your business soaring.


The Sales Referral Academy (SRA) focuses on the core competencies necessary to excel in business:

  • Sales Best Practices
  • Social Media
  • Business Networking

You selected your business model intentionally.  Maybe you identified a need in the market or have expertise in a certain area.  Maybe it is your job to make someone else’s business grow through sales and marketing.  However you selected your business, you are probably active in trade groups or professional organizations devoted to the operational part of your business better.

SRA is about the other part of your business.  What techniques should I incorporate into Social Media to promote my brand?  How do I get recognized in my community for the expertise I offer?  If it is all about “who you know” how do I get an introduction to the decision makers who can buy my product or service?  How should I leverage the time I spend networking?  Our goal is to help you answer these questions, collaborate with others who face the same challenges and then acknowledge your achievement when you implement what you have learned. 

JOIN NOW!  Take advantage of our 30 DAY FREE trial! Become a member and a collaborator.  Ask your questions. Share your insights and experiences.


ACE it all, with SRA!


getting Appointments
  • Sales drive business.
  • Sales drive cash flow.
  • Sales drive growth.

It has been often said that nothing happens until a sale is made.  That may be an over simplification, but sales are an integral part of every business. 

  • Is sales a skill or an art? 
  • Are there born salesmen? 
  • Is there a one-size-fits-all approach that will increase sales and take your business to the next level?
  • Is it a numbers game? Do you just have to knock on enough doors and sooner or later you’ll get the results you are looking for?
  • Or, is there more to it than that? 

At SRA we have initially collaborated with the Growth Development Associates (GDA) to serve as our Sales Best Practices expert to offer ideas, “Sales Bites”, training and more. Additionally, we scour the internet looking for meaningful content that may answer questions,  offer techniques, exercises or best practices that you can add to your toolkit and help you close  sales.  SRA is a cost effective, interactive tool that gives you access to thought leaders in specific areas; it allows you to share your feedback, ask questions, form groups to collaborate on projects and hold yourself and others accountable on commitments.


JOIN NOW!   Become a Member and a collaborator. Benefit from our content. Share your insights and experiencees.


ACE it all, Through SRA!






Thank heaven for SOCIAL MEDIA, a silver bullet if there ever was one! 

This plethora of user friendly, easily understood and powerful tools have taken all the stress out of generating a buzz about your business.  Right? 

Now that you have a website and a FACEBOOK page, the world is beating a path to your door.  Right?  And it is all FREE! Right? 

Sure, there are a couple of tiny hiccups. 

  • What tools are best for business?
  • How much is enough?  
  • How much to sell versus how much should be testimonials, tips and/or techniques?  
  • Where to find the time?
  • How to measure results? 

And, along the way, there are the endless acronyms—HTML, URL, and on and on.

There are countless consultants ready to help but at what cost.  There are tons of articles and videos on the internet. The issue is not lack of information or lack of help.  The real issue is sorting through the debris, finding what is useful and implementing it effectively. 

SRA can help.  Our expert, Lauren Davenport, CEO, Symphoni Media, will help you work through clutter, implement the right set of tools and create a Social Media strategy.  Working with other members, you can test the efficacy of your plan, refine it and move forward.

No one denies the importance of Social Media but more than a silver bullet for many of us, it has become a burden, necessary but still, a burden.  Even so, the internet is everywhere; Social Media is everywhere. Most importantly, our customers use it incessantly. Social Media gives us a voice on the most pervasive communications medium in the world, the internet. Who can possibly afford to ignore it?


JOIN NOW!  Become a member. Check out the articles and commentary on our e-learning portal and see the results of Social Media can make on your business.






Business Networking entails all of the activities that we engage in to retain and acquire customers. It is how we meet people and convert them into customers. It is how we gain their trust so they do business with us without even looking at competitors and refer us enthusiastically because they want their network to benefit from doing business with us. They want to be part of our success. Business Networking makes good companies great.

Like every other part of your overall marketing vision, Business Networking requires its own strategy, its own techniques and its own measurement tools. It requires execution and follow-up.

What are you doing about Business Networking? Are you a naysayer, convinced that it is all smoke and mirrors and that customers buy based solely on quality and price? Are you a power networker who never eats a meal by themselves and is out four nights a week attending mixer after social, handing out cards and participating in weekly meetings or one on one meetings hoping to convince your next “contact” to become a virtual sales person for you and your company? Are you somewhere in between, attending the occasional networking meeting when you backlog seems particularly weak?

SRA helps its members master Business Networking. Through collaboration and advice from Business Networking expert Robin Lavitch, Founder of Surpass Your Goal, you will learn what networking strategies work best and techniques to refine your approach to customers and prospects. Further, we will help you convert your best customers into the referral engine you need to achieve the sales and margins you imagined when you launched your business.

JOIN NOW!  SRA will give you the opportunity to share your experiences and solicit feedback. We offer accreditation that will give you the confidence you need to seek out larger prospects and convert them into repeat customers.


ACE it All, through SRA!

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