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Thank heaven for SOCIAL MEDIA, a silver bullet if there ever was one! 

This plethora of user friendly, easily understood and powerful tools have taken all the stress out of generating a buzz about your business.  Right? 

Now that you have a website and a FACEBOOK page, the world is beating a path to your door.  Right?  And it is all FREE! Right? 

Sure, there are a couple of tiny hiccups. 

  • What tools are best for business?
  • How much is enough?  
  • How much to sell versus how much should be testimonials, tips and/or techniques?  
  • Where to find the time?
  • How to measure results? 

And, along the way, there are the endless acronyms—HTML, URL, and on and on.

There are countless consultants ready to help but at what cost.  There are tons of articles and videos on the internet. The issue is not lack of information or lack of help.  The real issue is sorting through the debris, finding what is useful and implementing it effectively. 

SRA can help.  Our expert, Lauren Davenport, CEO, Symphoni Media, will help you work through clutter, implement the right set of tools and create a Social Media strategy.  Working with other members, you can test the efficacy of your plan, refine it and move forward.

No one denies the importance of Social Media but more than a silver bullet for many of us, it has become a burden, necessary but still, a burden.  Even so, the internet is everywhere; Social Media is everywhere. Most importantly, our customers use it incessantly. Social Media gives us a voice on the most pervasive communications medium in the world, the internet. Who can possibly afford to ignore it?


JOIN NOW!  Become a member. Check out the articles and commentary on our e-learning portal and see the results of Social Media can make on your business.






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