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ACE it all, through SRA!


Business Networking entails all of the activities that we engage in to retain and acquire customers. It is how we meet people and convert them into customers. It is how we gain their trust so they do business with us without even looking at competitors and refer us enthusiastically because they want their network to benefit from doing business with us. They want to be part of our success. Business Networking makes good companies great.

Like every other part of your overall marketing vision, Business Networking requires its own strategy, its own techniques and its own measurement tools. It requires execution and follow-up.

What are you doing about Business Networking? Are you a naysayer, convinced that it is all smoke and mirrors and that customers buy based solely on quality and price? Are you a power networker who never eats a meal by themselves and is out four nights a week attending mixer after social, handing out cards and participating in weekly meetings or one on one meetings hoping to convince your next “contact” to become a virtual sales person for you and your company? Are you somewhere in between, attending the occasional networking meeting when you backlog seems particularly weak?

SRA helps its members master Business Networking. Through collaboration and advice from Business Networking expert Robin Lavitch, Founder of Surpass Your Goal, you will learn what networking strategies work best and techniques to refine your approach to customers and prospects. Further, we will help you convert your best customers into the referral engine you need to achieve the sales and margins you imagined when you launched your business.

JOIN NOW!  SRA will give you the opportunity to share your experiences and solicit feedback. We offer accreditation that will give you the confidence you need to seek out larger prospects and convert them into repeat customers.


ACE it All, through SRA!


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