Accreditation through Collaboration and Education

ACE it all, through SRA!


The Sales Referral Academy (SRA) is an e-learning portal devoted to helping its members grow their business through Education, Collaboration and Accreditation.  We are initially focused on three skill sets that are essential for every business:  Sales Best Practices, Social Media and Business Networking.   

We have engaged experts in each of these areas to advise and collaborate with our members to help them learn strategies and techniques to excel. Further, we are posting relevant content from the internet in each of these area.  We encourage our members to give feedback on the content.  Tell us what is working and what is not.  What would you do differently, what was especially beneficial?

Our members form groups and collaborate on their goals.  What sales practices are you going to focus on?  Who is holding you accountable?  What progress are you making and how successful have you been?  The collaboration aspect of SRA provides our members with the opportunity to become part of a group of business people who share their challenges and can offer feedback on what has worked and what has not.  They can review scripts or videos, they can help you get it right when it counts the most, when it is presented to a customer or prospect.

As our members master work through the credits outlined on the e-learning portal, they will acquire credits and rewards recognizing their achievement. 

Accreditation through Collaboration and Education! 

ACE it all, through SRA!


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