Accreditation through Collaboration and Education

ACE it all, through SRA!

New Event Annouced:

Dr. Harold Shinitzky – Empowering the Entrepreneur

Dr. Harold Shinitzky, notable Sports Psychologist, Speaker and former member of Johns Hopkins School of Medicine, will be delivering his talk Empowering the Entrepreneur with a proven methodology for setting and achieving your goals as a business leader.

Join us on August 30, 2018 from 10:00am to 12:00pm for this inspiring workshop with Sales Referral Academy. Early bird tickets are available for only $29.40 for limited time. Tickets will be $49 the day of the event. Secure your seat today:

August 30, 2018 Event 10am-12noon
If business is putting you to the test---ACE it! Accreditation through Collaboration and Education.


For every business success story, there are hundreds struggling to find the key to that success.  The Sales Referral Academy, SRA, has online content to teach the skills you need in Sales, in Social Media, in Business Networking and more and provide you with benchmark recognitions when you’ve mastered each level of skill.

SRA is tailored to YOU with opportunities to collaborate with people facing the same challenges and those who have met and overcome them.

SRA delivers a breadth and depth of learning to send your business soaring.


The Sales Referral Academy (SRA) focuses on the core competencies necessary to excel in business:

  • Sales Best Practices
  • Social Media
  • Business Networking

You selected your business model intentionally.  Maybe you identified a need in the market or have expertise in a certain area.  Maybe it is your job to make someone else’s business grow through sales and marketing.  However you selected your business, you are probably active in trade groups or professional organizations devoted to the operational part of your business better.

SRA is about the other part of your business.  What techniques should I incorporate into Social Media to promote my brand?  How do I get recognized in my community for the expertise I offer?  If it is all about “who you know” how do I get an introduction to the decision makers who can buy my product or service?  How should I leverage the time I spend networking?  Our goal is to help you answer these questions, collaborate with others who face the same challenges and then acknowledge your achievement when you implement what you have learned. 

JOIN NOW!  Take advantage of our 30 DAY FREE trial! Become a member and a collaborator.  Ask your questions. Share your insights and experiences.


ACE it all, with SRA!



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